Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome to Edu Blog Tips !

Educators have so much information to share which can help other educators, students, parents, and the education industry and others. Blogging is a great way to share that information and has become a standard method for many educators as bloggers (sources of information) and educators as readers (consumers of that information). Many students and parents in K-12 practically expect their teachers to have a blog - and many classrooms create "Classroom blogs" to share what is going on in their classroom with parents and other classrooms.

This blog is being created purely as a way to share tips about blogging in the education space - as a resource for educators and students to find ideas on what blogging tools are available and some tips on how to use those tools effectively. This blog is also being created simply as a testing ground for some of those tips ;)

We expect that others will provide "guest posts" to this blog to share their ideas - in other words, this blog will not be sourced from one person - it will be a pointer to many other blog posts, sites, tips from educators and tech-savvy bloggers who have been around the blogging-block more than a few times.

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